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Embattled LAUSD Board Member Ref Rodriguez Close To Reaching A Deal On Campaign Finance Questions. Here's How We Got Here.

Rodriguez is having a bad year. We put together this guide to help you catch up.

It's The Last Day Of School For The Head Of Arts Education At LAUSD

We talked arts, opportunity and data with Rory Pullens as he was packing up his office in his final days before retirement.

Could LAUSD Tax Its Way Out Of A Budget Crisis? Better Question: Will Voters Let Them?

LAUSD officials don't think enough 2018 voters will support a tax hike, internal memo shows.

LA's Schools Are Segregated. LAUSD Says There's Only So Much They Can Do

White parents still want to live near mostly-white schools and, in L.A., most Latino kids still live in overwhelmingly Latino neighborhoods.

LAUSD Teachers Just Took Their First Step Toward A Possible Strike

Their union has declared an "impasse" after months of protracted contract talks.

The LA Unified School District Is Rapidly Running Out Of Money. Wait, Check That — LAUSD Is Maybe Actually Flush With Extra Cash?

Budgets are hard enough to read when everyone agrees what the numbers on the pages mean. But in L.A. Unified, two very different narratives have emerged about the $8.2 billion budget the district's school board approved Tuesday by a 6-1 vote.

Monica Garcia Chosen As New LAUSD Board President

Garcia had previously served six years in the role before.

LAUSD President Steps Down From Top Post Amid Criminal Charges, Will Remain On School Board

Ref Rodriguez was accused of participating in "political money laundering" by repaying donors who'd contributed to a 2015 campaign.

LAUSD Board President Charged With Three Felony Counts Over 'Political Money Laundering'

Officials say that Refugio Rodriguez was aided by a cousin in the alleged scheme.

Hundreds Of LAUSD Schools Still Have Lead In Their Water Fountains

LAUSD has been replacing water fountains since spring 2016.

Some LAUSD Students May Not Be Allowed To View The Eclipse

“...I don’t want children going blind because they’re not supervised and exercising proper precaution.”

Some LAUSD Students May Not Be Allowed To View The Eclipse

“...I don’t want children going blind because they’re not supervised and exercising proper precaution.”

Former LAUSD 'Food Guru' Charged With Embezzlement, Misappropriation Of Public Funds

He allegedly funneled tens of thousands of dollars of school district money to a culinary club he controlled, among other offenses.

LAUSD Board Member Salaries Nearly Tripled To $125,000

The new salary was voted on by a city commission that meets every five years to review the pay and benefits of LAUSD school board members.

Over A Hundred Layoffs Expected In Proposed LAUSD Budget

The layoffs largely focus on library aides.

A Fleet Of Electric-Powered School Buses Is Coming To Southern California

The 33 buses are being purchased with money from the Southern California Air Quality Management District.

LAUSD Board President Steve Zimmer Concedes To Challenger Nick Melvoin

Kelly Gonez currently has a slight lead over opponent Imelda Padilla for the second open school board seat being decided tonight.

LAUSD To Formalize 'Safe Zone' Policies For Immigrant Students And Families

LAUSD Superintendent Michelle King will have 90 days to draft the policies and begin training staff.

LAUSD To Begin Vegan Lunch Pilot Program This Fall

School Board President Steve Zimmer said that the new lunches will not be more expensive than the usual lunches.

LAUSD Moves To Ban McDonald's Fundraisers, Develop Vegan Items

Grimace may no longer be welcomed at school functions.

Nearly 1-In-5 LAUSD Students Report They Have Been Bullied This School Year

And 43% report they have been cyber-bullied this school year.

LAUSD Asked Students And Staff Not To Participate In 'A Day Without Immigrants'

A recorded voice message was sent to parents and employees on Wednesday night.

Teachers Union Rallies Outside Hundreds Of LAUSD Schools, Tells Students They Are Safe

"This is a safe place and [students] don't need to be afraid of Donald Trump."

Despite Previous Vote, LAUSD Will Still Start Academic Year In The Middle Of Summer

The school board had voted in September to gradually push the start date two weeks later.

LAUSD Starts Support Hotline For Students Who Fear Trump's America

Students with questions and concerns about the potential impact on them and their families can call (866) 742-2273.

Mayor And LAUSD Board President Reaffirm Commitment To Protect Undocumented Students

An estimated 100,000 LAUSD families could be affected by deportations under a Trump administration.

LAUSD To Trump: Stay Away From Our Kids And Off Our Campuses

The LAUSD Board of Education voted to reaffirm its campuses as safe zones for undocumented students.

Racist Teacher Who Threatened Student With Deportation Put On 'Do Not Hire' List

Bret Harte Preparatory Middle School (Google Maps) Last week, a teacher at a Los Angeles school was fired after telling a student her parents would be deported and she would be left in a foster home. We now know the teacher was "a long-term substitute" in charge of a physical education class at Bret Harte Preparatory Middle School, and that following his outburst and his firing, several parents have filed complaints against him to...

Public High School Principal Who Charged $100K To School Credit Card Resigns

Five of the school's seven board members will also be resigning.

LAUSD Is Building Housing For Its Staff Because The Rent Is Too Damn High

LAUSD builds apartments for its staff who can't afford to live near the schools they work at.

Students At Silver Lake Elementary School Sick After Eating From Community Garden

The school district has temporarily closed the garden.

LAUSD To Consider Not Starting School In The Middle Of The Summer, Thank God

School for LAUSD's approximately 640,000 students started on August 16 this year.

LAUSD Grads Will Get One Free Year Of Community College

The plan was launched by Mayor Garcetti and Jill Biden on Wednesday.

'No Immunizations, No School' For Returning LAUSD Students

More than a half-million kids head back to LAUSD today, and personal and religious exemptions for vaccines will no longer be allowed.

Pamela Anderson Advocated For Vegan Lunch Options At An LAUSD Board Meeting

Anderson made a powerful case for why LAUSD should offer its 600,000 students a daily vegan option.

LAUSD Has Paid Out More Than $300 Million Over Sex Abuse

As settlements for student victims of sex abuse mount, the damages are increasing as well.

LAUSD To Pay $88 Million In 30-Student Sexual Abuse Settlement

This is the second largest sexual abuse settlement in LAUSD's history.

Students Win Fight For LAUSD's First Gender-Neutral Bathroom

The "Just a Toilet" campaign began with a lesson on the meaning of a safe space.

Garcetti Proposes Free Year Of Community College Tuition For LAUSD Grads

Mayor Eric Garcetti pledged his support for a plan to offer one year of free community college tuition for all LAUSD graduates.

Possible Sinkhole Opens Up On The Basketball Court Of L.A. School

A large crater has opened up on the grounds of a school whose site was once a major battleground for environmental justice.

Michelle King Named New LAUSD Superintendent

Yesterday evening, the Los Angeles Unified School District voted unanimously to hire longtime district teacher, principal and administrator Michelle King to become the district's next superintendent.

Report: LAUSD Threats Came Via An Email Address Hosted On 'Cockmail'

The threatening emails were apparently sent using a email host known as, yes, cockmail.

Here's The Email That Shut Down All LAUSD Schools Yesterday

'I wish you the best luck. It is time to pray to allah, as this may be your last day.'

LAUSD Shutdown May Have Cost The District $29 Million

LAUSD's decision to cancel classes at all campuses yesterday may have cost the district $29 million.

LAUSD Shuts Down Because Of Terror Threat To 'Many' Schools

LAUSD is shutting down all campuses—around 900—this morning because of a terrorist threat sent to a board member.

NYC Says They Were Threatened Like LAUSD But Didn't Freak Out

Their city school chancellor said, "We are working closely with the NYPD, and there is no reason for alarm."

LAPD: It's Too Easy To Criticize The LAUSD Shutdown With Hindsight

"It's also easy to criticize a decision when you have no responsibility for the outcome of that decision."

LAUSD Again Fires Lawyer Who Blamed Teen For Having Sex With Teacher

LAUSD has re-fired the lawyer who argued that a 14-year-old girl consented to sex with her adult, male teacher.

See How LAUSD's Massive Building Program Transformed L.A. Neighborhoods

An ambitious construction program by LAUSD has dramatically altered the look of many L.A. neighborhoods in recent years.

Naked Carwash Scene Brings A Stop To Campus Filming At LAUSD

Don't expect another 'Hot For Teacher' music video to be filmed on campus any time soon.

LAUSD Lawyer Canned For Blaming Minor For Sex With Teacher Got His Gig Back

The lawyer who said that it was more dangerous for a 14-year-old girl to cross traffic than to have sex with her male teacher has his gig with LAUSD back.

LAUSD Is Trying Very Hard To Get Teens To Stop Sexting

Officials want students to know of all that could happen just by hitting 'send.'

LAUSD Can't Blame Student For Being Sexually Assaulted By Teacher, Judge Says

A judge has ruled that the L.A. Unified School District can no longer argue that a student was partially to blame for her own sexual assault by her teacher.

LAUSD Keeps Blaming Student For Having Sex With Teacher

LAUSD is still arguing that a 14-year-old girl holds some of the blame when it comes to an inappropriate sexual relationship with her 28-year-old teacher.

All-Weather High School Football Fields Are Melting Under L.A.'s Heat

Football fields at five L.A. high schools are melting from L.A.'s heat and will soon have to be replaced.

Trump Refuses To Refund LAUSD For Canceling Fundraiser At His Golf Course

Nobody wants to be associated with racist ol' Donald Trump anymore, and that includes the L.A. Unified School District, who won't be getting their money back, either.

Famous Teacher Suspended For Reading Mark Twain, Says Lawyer

A fifth grade teacher who is internationally-known for his methods and best-selling books was suspended for reading Mark Twain, says his lawyer.

School Board To Consider Allowing 'D' Students To Graduate

LAUSD board members are considering easing grade requirements and allow D-students to graduate high school.

11-Year Old Star Student Breaks Wrist When School Officer Handcuffs Him

A former "Student of the Year" fifth grader is recovering from a broken wrist after being handcuffed at school by an officer.

LAUSD Might Start A New All-Girl Science And Tech School

LA Unified School District is considering founding an all-girls school focused on science and technology.

Lawsuit: LAUSD Teacher Used The N-Word And Said Blacks Aren't Very Smart

A mixed-race student says that her teacher dropped the n-word in class, said blacks aren't very smart and called Michael Brown a "thug" who "got what he deserved" when he was shot by police in Ferguson, according to a lawsuit filed against LAUSD.

The FBI Pays LAUSD A Surprise Visit Over The Disastrous iPad Program

In addition to what now seems to be a federal investigation, the LAUSD is still conducting its own internal investigation of the program's rollout.

LAUSD Expert Claimed 9-Year-Old Sexual Assault Victim With A Low IQ Suffers Less

LAUSD's stomach-churning defense tactics in the courtroom are in the spotlight once again: court documents show that a psychologist hired by LAUSD testified that a 9-year-old who was repeatedly sexually assaulted wouldn't suffer as much because she had a low IQ.

LAUSD Students Work Soul-Crushing Retail Jobs For Free In The Name Of Education

LAUSD students looking to get a few extra credits have an interesting option: through the district's retail merchandising class, students can gain real-life, first-hand experience in the depressing world of retail without getting paid a dime.

LAUSD Chief John Deasy Resigns

Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, Dr. John C. Deasy speaks at City Year Los Angeles' spring break on April 20, 2013 in Culver City. (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for City Year Los Angeles) The LAUSD board announced this morning that superintendent John Deasy had tendered his resignation after four years as head of the LAUSD. His contract wasn't up until 2016, but the board announced that he would be staying...

LAUSD Students Stage A Walkout In Classrooms Without Air-Conditioning

LAUSD might have a tank that was built to fight insurgents in Iraq, but students and teachers are complaining that one thing it doesn't have are functioning air conditioning units in all of its classrooms. The situation reached a breaking point this week as temperatures soared into the triple digits.

LAUSD Has A Tank Built For War In Iraq For Some Reason [Updated]

LAUSD has confirmed that they have in their possession grenade launchers and tanks that were originally created for warfare.

LAUSD Science Teacher Booted From Classroom For Being An Awesome Science Teacher

Students have launched a protest on behalf of their beloved high school science teacher who was pulled off the job six weeks ago. His offense? LAUSD administrators were worried that his students' science projects amounted to "imitation weaponry."

Photos: LAUSD Employees Post Horrifying Pictures Of School Conditions

A Facebook page that claims to be made of LAUSD educators have been exposing the disgusting conditions in many of our schools.

LAUSD Board Member, Fierce Teachers Union Ally Dies

Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte, who spent a decade on the LAUSD board and four decades as an educator in the district, has died at age 80.

How LAUSD's School Lunches Are Helping Local Bakers, Farmers & Businesses

The new school lunch program might have some shortcomings, but it has been successful in boosting local food purveyors' businesses.

LAUSD Puts The Brakes On iPad Program After Students Hack Them

The Los Angeles Unified School District has temporarily halted a plan to distribute thousands of iPads to schools because of widespread hacking by students.

LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy Will Stay After All

The teachers don't like him, but that didn't seem to matter in the end. A closed door meeting with the Board of Education yesterday ended days of speculation of LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy's future with a satisfactory performance review and an contract extension.

LAUSD Superintendent May Be Stepping Down

LAUSD superintendent John Deasy might be stepping down after three years on the job.

LAUSD Students Are Really Out of Shape

It turns out Los Angeles schoolchildren can't keep up with the rest of the state in fitness. In figures released on Wednesday LAUSD fifth-, seventh- and ninth-graders lagged behind their counterparts in the state according to the California Department of Education.

LAUSD Teachers and Staff Don Ally Badges for LGBT Students

LAUSD passed out thousands of ally badges for teachers and staff members to come out as allies of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered students beginning Friday.

Student Records LAUSD Teacher Cursing Out Her Class

A high school English teacher has been put on leave after a student recorded her cursing out her class and passed the recording out to teachers at her school.

State Truancy Crisis: 1 In 4 Elementary Students Missing School

A new study released today by the state's attorney general says that more than 1 in 4 California elementary students are missing too much school each year.

LAUSD Reports 71 Missing iPads. Gosh, Where Did They Go?

On the heels of the news that several high school students in the Los Angeles Unified School District had managed to hack their district-issued iPads to access restricted sites and apps comes word that officials are also trying to locate 71 missing iPads.

LAUSD Students Hack School-Issued iPads In First Week of Roll-Out

This really should come as a surprise to anyone: It took some Los Angeles Unified School District students only one week to hack the security features on their school-issued iPads to access restricted sites and apps.

Dear Parents: Your Kid Is Fat. Signed, Your Kid's School

The kids call them "fat letters." They are notes sent home to parents from schools letting them know their youngsters are obese, and schools in L.A. are starting to send those letters out.

Those Free iPads For LAUSD Students Might Need Keyboards Now

An unexpected additional cost in providing hundreds of thousands of Los Angeles students with free iPads: they might also need keyboards.

Are LAUSD's Healthy School Lunches At Risk Of Being Cut?

Federal officials are saying that some schools are dropping out of the $11 billion National School Lunch Program, which offered reimbursement to schools for meals served and gives them access to lower-priced food, so long as it complied with their healthy meal agenda.

L.A. Teachers Being Trained In 'Active Shooter' Scenarios

As K-12 students prepare to return to schools on Tuesday, local faculty are doing their own preparation, which, in light of horrific school shootings like the one in Newtown, includes training for "active shooter" scenarios.

Award Winning Culinary Arts Program Axed At John Marshall High

Despite the program's successes, decreased enrollment in the high school meant that funding was cut, resulting in elimination of electives including culinary arts.

Elementary School To Be Named After Michelle Obama

A San Fernando Valley elementary school will soon be renamed after First Lady Michelle Obama.

Special Education School Vandalized With Swastikas, Anti-Obama Graffiti

File under People Suck: Over the weekend, someone spray painted a Reseda High School for disabled children with hate messages.

LAUSD Offers $17 Million More To Victims Allegedly Forced To Taste Teacher's Semen

The Los Angeles Unified School District has offered $17 million to help settle 40 lawsuits accusing the district of not protecting children from a teacher who blindfolded his students, put cockroaches on their faces and fed them his semen as part of a twisted "tasting game."

L.A. Schools Encourage Students To Text Their STD Status

Keeping teens STD-free is a great goal, but a new program embraced by LA schools to encourage students to share their HIV and STD statuses via cell phone is sure to be controversial.

LAUSD Has Gotten Rid Of Hundreds Of Teachers: Here Are Some Of The Horrifying Stories Of Misconduct

In the wake of the scandal, LAUSD superintendent John Deasy enacted a zero-tolerance policy and ordered administrators to comb their files for any teachers who posed a threat to student. Since then, 100 teachers have been fired and 200 resigned under pressure. 300 teachers are still under investigation.

Teen Allegedly Brings Gun Onto Local High School Campus

Canoga Park High School was on lockdown Thursday morning as the Los Angeles Police Department were on scene to conduct a search for a person who may have brought a gun onto the campus.

Elementary School Teacher Arrested on Kiddie Porn Charges

A man who worked as an elementary school teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District has been arrested on child pornography charges.

Remembering Sal Castro, Influential L.A. Educator

Castro was a social studies teacher in different schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He was a central figure in the 1968 East L.A. Chicano Blowouts.

Mom And Daughters Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Middle School Teacher

A mother and her two daughters were arrested yesterday morning after allegedly attacking a teacher at John Muir Middle School. Kiki Fowler, 33, and one of her daughters were arrested on suspicion of felony battery, and her other daughter was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

March 5 Election Results: Pitiful Voter Turnout, Runoff for Mayor, Incumbents Sit Pretty

With a mere 16 percent voter turnout for yesterday's primary election in Los Angeles, the major office on the ticket is headed for a runoff, while some other seats were decidedly filled.

LAPD Reviewing Newly-Released Priest Abuse Files

In the wake of the recent release of a set of files held by the Los Angeles Roman Catholic Archdiocese detailing child abuse at the hands of clergy comes word the Los Angeles Police Department will be giving the material a look to see if there are any cases to be prosecuted.

Middle School Teacher Accused of Molesting Three Students

A middle school teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District has been arrested and charged with several counts of child molestation and battery involving three female students.

Disgraced Priest Accused Of Molesting Parishioners Found A Job At LAUSD

A former Catholic priest who was repeatedly accused of molesting children over the course of his 26 years in the priesthood went on to work for Los Angeles Unified School District. The connection between the Father Joseph Piña who resigned from the priesthood under the cloud of suspicion in 1998 and the Joseph Piña who until this week worked as a community organizer on behalf of LAUSD was made public with the church records released this week under court order.

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