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134 Cases, $36 Million: Inside Sexual Misconduct At America's Biggest County Government

A KPCC/LAist investigation found Los Angeles County has paid out millions in tax dollars to settle sexual misconduct claims against government employees. Those settlements represent just a fraction of overall complaints.

LAist's Ultimate Halloween Candy Ranker Quiz

It's election season! Important issues need to be decided! Make your voice heard!

Let's Taco-bout LA's Best Vegan Tacos

We couldn't resist the plant-based pun on National Taco Day. Sorry not sorry.

Take A Deep Breath And Read About How Bad LA Smog Really Is

There's a reason they call it Smog City.

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater Is Closing -- But It's Coming Back Next Year

They're going mobile before moving to a new permanent location.

Your Guide To Finding An LGBTQ-Friendly Doctor In LA

Homophobia, and the fear of homophobia, can keep people from getting medical attention. Let us help you find an LGBTQ-affirming doctor.

LA Wants To Make It Easier To Find Parking With Real-Time Data Sharing

The data's current form on the city's site is not user-friendly, but the goal is for app developers to take it and push out a more usable version to drivers.

The Hidden History Of LA County's Official Anthem

"Seventy-Six Cities," which has spent decades in relative obscurity, has ties to an evangelical organization that saw itself on the front lines of an ideological war.

Remedial Classes Aren't Working In Community Colleges -- And Now They're About To Be Canceled

Educators call it a huge change. How did it happen? When research showed the remedial classes were hurting instead of helping, campus administrators ultimately listened.

This Amateur Metal Detectorist Is Fighting Pirates On The Beaches Of Santa Monica

Steve Smith is something of a treasure-hunting do-gooder, one who doesn't officially charge for his services.

Selling Tacos (And Everything Else) On The Streets Of LA Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

The governor just signed a bill that decriminalizes sidewalk vending. Does that mean more tacos, churros, champurrado and bacon-wrapped hot dogs on the streets of Los Angeles? We hope so.

We're Exploring LA County's 88 Cities. Here's Your Guide To Arcadia: 'Chinese Beverly Hills'

Bet on some horses and maybe you'll win enough money to buy a multi-million dollar mansion in "Chinese Beverly Hills."

Why Are People So Obsessed With LAUSD's Coffee Cake?

The fluffy, crumbly dessert has been around for more than 60 years and Angelenos' love for it hasn't diminished.

The Court Case That Forced OC To Stop Ignoring Its Homeless

An encampment was cleared. A lawsuit was filed. Is OC now better equipped to help those experiencing homelessness?

People Thought She Would End Up On The Streets Or Locked Up. She Proved Them Wrong.

Smuggled from El Salvador as a child, Liliana "Patty" Flores survived abuse, foster care, gangs, drugs and lockup before deciding to turn her life around.

The DMV Says Wait Times Are Shorter, So I Tested It Out. It Crushed My Soul

The DMV claims it's reduced the average time you'll spend in line by a half hour. That wasn't exactly how it panned out for us.

Why Some LA Jewish Millennials Are Walking Off Their 'Birthright Israel' Trips

Founded by an L.A. local, IfNotNow is a growing movement of young Jewish American progressives who want to end support for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

I Ate Brunch At The Scientology Restaurant -- And Lived To Tell The Tale

The infamous Celebrity Centre serves a mean brunch. But you'll have to handle some pre-meal proselytizing.

What Is LADYist?

LADYist is here to fill the gaps in your sex education. It's sex ed for grown women.

Why Jonas Never's Ventura Boulevard Mural Is Just A 'V' -- And Faces An Uncertain Fate

It all comes down to a fight over where Jonas will stand while painting the mural.

How California's Housing Crisis Turned Into A Homeless Crisis

The lack of affordable housing "probably describes more than any other reason why we have a homelessness crisis in California," says one expert. The California Dream project explores what cities are doing about it.

Why LocoL Failed In Watts, According To Watts Locals

"Instead of tacos, they had foldies. We don't know what a foldy is. We don't eat foldies around here. We eat tacos."

Remembering Aretha Franklin And The LA Performance She Didn't Want You To See

She made her home here in the '70s and early '80s, but there's one piece of her L.A. life that's been kept hidden from view for decades.

It's Not Just You. The Mosquitoes Really Are Worse This Year.

An invasive mosquito is spreading throughout SoCal. And it thrives in hot weather.

Google Created LA Neighborhoods That Don't Exist, Then Deleted Them. What Gives?

"North Highland Park" and "Silver Lake Heights" aren't real L.A. neighborhoods. So why did Google put them on their map?

Everything We Know About The Formosa Cafe's Origin Is Probably Wrong

The Beastie Boys once name-checked the Formosa in a song -- and other fascinating facts uncovered during the bar's lengthy renovation.

Room 8, The Cat That Adopted An Echo Park School, Died 50 Years Ago Today

He was a stray cat that wandered into Elysian Elementary in the 1950s -- and the loving tributes to him last through today.

This OC Couple Is Clawing Their Way Out Of Homelessness, And Texting Us Along The Way

The county moved them from the Santa Ana riverbed into a motel -- and now they have less than a week before they'll be forced to move again.

Meet The Lobster-Looking Menace Wreaking Havoc In Local Streams, Which Is Bad News For Everyone

The crayfish are driving away the predators that were keeping the region's mosquito population in check.

Where You Should Eat Filipino Food In Los Angeles Right Now

Pinoy restaurant roots run deep here and a new generation of Filipino chefs is familiarizing diners with flavors from their motherland.

Ex-LAPD Watchdog Claims He Was Fired For Watchdogging His Own Boss

James Willis says he was fired for blowing the whistle when his boss -- the LAPD Inspector General -- shared information with a reporter that Willis believed could hamper investigations or even endanger lives.

SoCal Gas To Pay $119M To LA City And County For Aliso Canyon Gas Leak. Tally So Far: $1B (And Counting)

The settlement includes $45.4 million for "local environmental benefit projects," which would include a long-term health study.

There's A New Jonathan Gold Mural In West LA

It features Gold in his bowler hat, an image as distinctive in the foodie world as Alfred Hitchcock's silhouette is to movie buffs.

LA's Baseball Story Isn't Just The Dodgers (It's Also The Aztecas, The 1st Wrigley Field And More)

Baseball in Southern California goes way back before the Dodgers even arrived here from Brooklyn.

USC President Resigns After Scandal, On Scandal, On Scandal. Here's What Happened

A summary of the lawsuits, the investigations, and who's involved.

Where To Eat China's Xinjiang Cuisine In Los Angeles Right Now

Halal street food, hand-cut noodles, dense bread stews and lamb kabobs -- here's where to find the food of Western and Central China in SoCal.

Meet Adonis, The New Mountain Lion In Town. He's Kind Of A Big Deal

The discovery of a striking young male puma could mean kittens are on the way.

A Guide To LA's Scooter Chaos: What You Can (And Can't) Do On Birds And Limes

There have also been more than a few questions about the rules. Let's go for a convoluted ride.

How To Hit Nine Bars In West Hollywood In One Night

When you want to go the distance without going far at all.

It's So Hot In LA You Could Cook A 3-Course Meal In Your Car. So We Did

You may have noticed it's hot in Los Angeles. Sizzling hot. Perhaps hot enough to bake something on the dash of your car? Spoiler: yes.

The Secret History Of The Pasadena Restaurant That Was Once An Atomic Bomb Research Site

Underground tunnels leading to Caltech. A rare mural. An office where Albert Einstein worked. How much of it is fact and how much is fiction?

Essay: The Hater's Guide To Reading About LA In The New York Times

The newspaper sent a Brooklyn novelist to enlighten us.

We're Exploring LA County's 88 Cities. Here's Your Guide To Torrance And All Its Breweries

With 11 breweries, Torrance has the highest concentration of them in the region, according to the L.A. County Brewers Guild.

Nothing Can Fix LA Traffic, So Deal With It

Not new trains. Not freeways. Not flying cars. Not Elon Musk. It's unfixable.

Heat Hacks: How To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Hot hot help. It's a heatwave and we've got zero chill about finding you a cooling center. Here's a list of local resources and DIY tips from formerly warm people.

Thomas Guide Maps: The Rise And Fall of LA's Directional Holy Grail

There was a time you wouldn't dare leave your house without a Thomas Guide. Here's the history of this beloved tome.

Black Babies Die At Twice The Rate Of White Babies. My Family Is Part Of This Statistic

Black infants die before their first birthday at twice the rate of their white counterparts. Over the next few weeks, reporter Priska Neely will be sharing stories of people in Southern California and across the country who are trying to change that statistic.

Try Your Hand At Solving Our 'LA To The Core' Puzzle

To celebrate LAist's return, our in-house puzzlemaster created a quiz that tests just how much of an Angeleno you really are.

8 Spots In LA To Watch The World Cup In All Of Its Glory

The U.S. might be out of the World Cup this year, but that doesn't mean people aren't watching. Here are some of the best places to keep up with the games this year.

How California Lawmakers Goosed Jackpots To Create Record-Setting Lottery Sales

The California Lottery is minting money after a 2010 change in state law lifted the cap on how much could go to prizes. The change was designed to boost the amount the lottery sends to schools, the agency's only beneficiary, but education dollars haven't kept pace.

LA Explained: Homelessness

Why does L.A. have so many homeless people? Here's what you need to know.

9 Museums In LA You Probably Haven't Been To Yet

Here are some museum gems that don't always grab headlines, but are still waiting to blow your mind.

TFW You Relaunch A Website And You Hope Someone Notices

This was almost a playlist of Julie Andrews and The Kinks. Maybe tomorrow.

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Hey, LA: Ask Us Anything

We want to know what you want to know.

The 10 Best Diners In Los Angeles

Nothing beats the combination of pancakes and hot coffee.

The 8 Best Niche Museums And Galleries In Los Angeles

From Hollywood to Montecito Heights to Culver City.

The 7 Best Places To Dog-Watch Around L.A. (Even If You Don't Have A Dog)

To paraphrase Raymond Carver, dogs are a small, good thing.

The Best Art Supply Stores In Los Angeles

Because there is no greater joy than an entire aisle of paints...

The Best Outside-The-Box Karaoke Parties In Los Angeles

Why sing by yourself when you can rock out with a live band?

The 7 Most Iconic Cemeteries In Los Angeles

Visit these cemeteries to embrace your goth side and learn about L.A.'s past.

The 8 Best Jewish Delis In Los Angeles

Familiarize yourself with L.A.'s Jewish deli scene, just in time for Rosh Hashanah.

The 11 Best Biscuits In Los Angeles

Pair them with meats, or sweets, or even a cocktail.

The 10 Best Record Stores In Los Angeles

Whether you're into soul or noise rock, there's something for everyone.

The Best Places For Birdwatching In Los Angeles

We've got everything from egrets to parrots. And how about chickens?

Seven Of The Best Vintage Clothing Stores In Los Angeles

These vintage shops are ideal for digging out diamonds in the semi-rough.

The Eight Best Sound Baths In Los Angeles

Are you ready for a sonic journey of healing?

The Best Breakfast Spots In L.A.

We have everything from eggs Benedict, to shakshuka, to vegan donuts.

The Best Breakfast Spots In L.A.

We have everything from eggs Benedict, to shakshuka, to vegan donuts.

The 10 Best Bagels In Los Angeles

Contrary to what the rest of the country may believe, L.A. knows how to make a good bagel.

The Best 'Everyday' Dinner Spots In Los Angeles

When you're not looking for a special occasion, just something comfortable and consistent.

The Best 'Everyday' Dinner Spots In Los Angeles

When you're not looking for a special occasion, just something comfortable and consistent.

Beat The Heat With L.A.'s Nine Best Milkshakes

L.A.'s milkshakes bring all the boys to know what, never mind, we already regret this pun.

The Best Underrated Movie Theaters In Los Angeles

From a classroom that only seats 60 people, to a church that hosts silent film screenings, here are some under-the-radar places to catch a movie.

The Best Underrated Movie Theaters In Los Angeles

From a classroom that only seats 60 people, to a church that hosts silent film screenings, here are some under-the-radar places to catch a movie.

Best Places To Be Alone In Los Angeles

Sometimes L.A. is best appreciated when solo.

Where To Find The Best Russian Food In L.A.

In addition to favorites like pickled herring and blinis, you can also find lesser-known items like tvorog and kvass in L.A.

The Best Themed Bars In Los Angeles

From airplanes to cryptozoology, L.A.'s got a bar for every topic under the sun.

The Best Outdoor Dining Patios In Los Angeles

Summer is just a few weeks away, which means it's time to dine al fresco.

The Best Places To Meet Someone From The Internet For A First Date In L.A.

Plus, all the dos and don'ts you need to know for choosing a place.

Sorry, In-N-Out: Five Guys is Officially 'America's Favorite Burger'

The burger brands have been battling it out since Five Guys first expanded into In-N-Out's turf in 2010.

The Best Comic Book Stores In Los Angeles

From the newcomers to the long-time collectors, L.A.'s comic book stores are open to everyone.

The Best Cheese Stores In Los Angeles

Also, there are plenty of good cheesemongers in L.A. to help guide your way.

The 10 Best Places To Be Really, Really Stoned In Los Angeles

From museums to places where you can stuff your face, here are some spots that will keep your high going.

The 7 Best Vegan Brunches In L.A.

In the mood for persimmons with red crisp grapes and watercress? Or quinoa tabbouleh?

The Best 24-Hour Restaurants In Los Angeles

Where hard-boiled Angelenos find hard-boiled eggs 24-hours a day.

The Eight Best L.A. Eats That Aren't Actually From L.A.

From ice cream shops to dumpling joints, not all of L.A.'s best eateries were born here.

Ten Of The Best Poems About Los Angeles

From the work of Wanda Coleman to Dana Gioia, ten of the best poems about the City of Angels.

The Eight Best Bowls Of Ramen In L.A.

Los Angeles is serving up some of the best ramen in the country right now. Here's where to find it.

The 8 Best Places To Play Video Games And Pretend It's 1993 Again

From Asteroids to X-Men, all your old favorites are here.

Nine Of The Best Strip Mall Gems In L.A.

Strip malls are made up of more than just liquor stores and dry cleaners. Here are some of the best tucked away restaurants, coffee shops and dessert spots.

The 11 Best Hangover Foods For Your Morning After

Whatever your hangover needs, these dishes have you covered.

Where To Find The Best Exotic Ice Cream Flavors in Los Angeles

You can find flavors like mango and sticky rice, sweet potato, and beer and pretzels.

The 13 Best Spas In Los Angeles

For when you need to escape the real world for a bit.

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