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13 Reasons To Be Hyped About Comic-Con

From Deadpool to Dr. Horrible, Wonder Woman to 2001, it's all happening at Comic-Con. Here's everything you need to know.

Mazel Tov! The Getty Lands A 700-Year-Old Torah

It's from 1296, it's beautiful, and it's one of the most important Hebrew Bibles in existence.

8 Ways To Harry Potter Your Summer At Universal (Including Butterbeer Ice Cream)

We went to check out their newest touches for the summer -- here's what's new and everything else Harry Potter you need to see.

Emmys Nominations 2018: What We Learned From Reading Everyone Else's Emmys Articles

We've digested and processed so much coverage. Here's what you need to know.

Video Lunch: Donald Glover Drops Childish Gambino Summer Vibes

He's got two new songs -- including one talking about our hot, running-out-of-water future.

Warner Bros. Plans To Take Over LA's Skies (With A Hollywood Sign Sky Tram)

They want to build an aerial tram, dubbed "the Hollywood Skyway," from their Burbank headquarters up to the Hollywood sign.

Why There's So Much Love For 'Gawjuss Gay Icon' Tab Hunter

He was one of the biggest heartthrobs of the 1950s -- and spoke openly about his sexuality in his 2005 memoir. He passed away unexpectedly last night.

Clipper Darrell Shows New True Colors -- And They're Lakers Purple And Gold

Get ready for Benedict Darrell -- he's lending his talents to The Other Team after decades of Clippers superfandom.

Nice Day To Swim -- But There's Also A High Surf Advisory, So Watch Out

During a similar weather system last year, SoCal lifeguards rescued a thousand people.

Anime Expo 2018: Everything You Need To Know About AX And Its 100,000 Fans Heading To DTLA

Get ready for your power levels to go over 9,000. Time to make speed lines to the L.A. Convention Center.

Barbie Wants To Build You A Robot

Her new Dreamhouse is maybe Caltech? The ageless doll of El Segundo just started a new career in robotics engineering.

How California Stole 2 TV Shows From New York And Atlanta

Hint: tax incentives. The program was recently extended for another five years.

What's Cheech Doing With The $9.7 Million California Gave Him?

Cheech will always be known for turning stoner comedy into (ahem) high art with partner Tommy Chong, but he's about to set a serious fine art footprint down.

Fans Mourn Sci-Fi Legend Harlan Ellison

He wrote numerous acclaimed short stories, teleplays, and novels, and was widely acknowledged as cantankerous but a genius.

Michael Jackson's Dad Joe Jackson Died And People Are Conflicted

He allegedly abused his children on their way to international superstardom.

This Architect Designed LA City Hall -- And Most Of DTLA's Other Famous Buildings

Ever been to City Hall, Union Station, or the USC campus? Say thanks to John Parkinson, the architect behind more than 50 buildings in downtown L.A.

Seth MacFarlane Likes Us, He Really Likes Us!

Actor/writer/everythinger Seth MacFarlane tweeted this weekend about how upset he was with Fox News's Tucker Carlson criticizing all non-Fox News media. Now he's followed that up by making a large donation to NPR and, um, us.

9 Museums In LA You Probably Haven't Been To Yet

Here are some museum gems that don't always grab headlines, but are still waiting to blow your mind.