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LAUSD Makes New Offer To Teachers Union. Union Leaders Call It A 'Trojan Horse'

The provision union leaders object to would lock in larger class sizes than the union wants and grant LAUSD officials even greater latitude to increase class sizes in the future.

Why The LAUSD Superintendent's Calendar Matters To The School District's Strike-Ready Teachers

Reading the tea leaves on what's really behind the release of Austin Beutner's calendars by the teacher's union that's in the middle of contentious contract negotiations.

Public School Kids Did A Little Better This Year On Statewide Tests. See Those Scores

Most students still fall short of the state's expectations in both English and math -- and racial "achievement gaps" remain wide.

LAUSD's Leader Wants To 'Manage Out' Bad Teachers. But Does The District Know Which Ones Are Bad?

The vast majority of LAUSD teachers "meet" or "exceed standards" on their evaluations, according to new numbers -- but are those numbers right?

Why LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner Wants To Talk About Teacher Quality Right Now

Beutner's answer: focusing only on the issues at dispute in contract negotiations sidelines other worthy conversations.

Could LAUSD Seriously Be Taken Over For Overspending?

The 'window of opportunity is closing to address the district's fiscal challenges,' a county official recently warned.

LAUSD Teachers Just Voted To Strike. It's Still Not Clear If -- Or When -- They'd Walk

Weeks or months could still pass before UTLA leaders actually call for a walkout.

Why LAUSD's 30,000 Teachers Might Go On Strike

Breaking down the broken-down contract talks.

LAUSD Parents Endure Another Back-To-School Ritual: Bus Delays

LAUSD transports more than 43,000 students each day. At the beginning of the year, it can take 2-3 weeks to get the kinks worked out.

This LAUSD Board Seat Will Stay Empty Until Next Spring. Who Looks Out For The Schools Until Then?

It looks increasingly likely that voters in controversial Ref Rodriguez's former district will be without a voice until that election is over.

This Doctor Treats LAUSD's Newly Arrived Immigrants. She Was Once One Of Them

As a child, a border once separated Claudia Martin from her mother. The experience shapes how she digested this summer's news from the border -- and how she treats her patients.

99,000 LAUSD Students Have No Representative On The School Board. Here's Why That Matters

Board members don't just set big-picture policy. They're also advocates for the regions they represent.

Did Meeting Between LAUSD & Teachers Union Leaders Make A Strike Less Likely? Depends On Who You Ask

The encounter comes about a week before teachers begin a vote to authorize a possible strike.

Activists Fighting LAUSD's Random Search Policy Gain An Ally: L.A.'s Top Lawyer

The City Attorney has recommended LAUSD pause all its random student searches

More Than 30,000 LAUSD Teachers Will Decide This Month If They Want To Strike

If the rank-and-file approves, teachers union leaders would then be empowered to call the first strike the district has seen since 1989.

Ref Rodriguez Pleads Guilty To Felony And Misdemeanor Charges, Resigns From LAUSD Board

Rodriguez faced criminal charges for alleged political money laundering. Now, he's giving up his seat as part of a plea deal.

Embattled LAUSD Board Member Ref Rodriguez Close To Reaching A Deal On Campaign Finance Questions. Here's How We Got Here.

Rodriguez is having a bad year. We put together this guide to help you catch up.

Could LAUSD Tax Its Way Out Of A Budget Crisis? Better Question: Will Voters Let Them?

LAUSD officials don't think enough 2018 voters will support a tax hike, internal memo shows.

LA's Schools Are Segregated. LAUSD Says There's Only So Much They Can Do

White parents still want to live near mostly-white schools and, in L.A., most Latino kids still live in overwhelmingly Latino neighborhoods.

LAUSD Teachers Just Took Their First Step Toward A Possible Strike

Their union has declared an "impasse" after months of protracted contract talks.

The Day California's Biggest Unions Have Been Dreading Is Here. Are They Ready?

Today's U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down mandatory union fees was a massive blow to public sector unions. But many saw the blow coming. The question is whether, even with all that lead time, unions are ready for what happens next.

The LA Unified School District Is Rapidly Running Out Of Money. Wait, Check That — LAUSD Is Maybe Actually Flush With Extra Cash?

Budgets are hard enough to read when everyone agrees what the numbers on the pages mean. But in L.A. Unified, two very different narratives have emerged about the $8.2 billion budget the district's school board approved Tuesday by a 6-1 vote.