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'Nightwalk In The Chinese Garden' Brings Theater To The Huntington At Night

Stan Lai's first English-language play delivers an immersive time-travel experience.

How This Is Us's Music Supervisor Creates The Show's Timeless Sound

Music supervisors are the ones in charge of choosing the right songs to make you feel things, and "This Is Us" nails that every time -- thanks to Jennifer Pyken.

Gabriel Kahane Rides The Rails And Captures The People Of Trump-Era America In Song

After the 2016 election, Kahane left his cell phone and the daily news cycle behind, boarding a train. Now it's an album.

Tracee Ellis Ross Still Believes In 'Black-Ish' Despite Network Battles, Allegations Against Her Co-Star And More

The co-star and Emmy nominee says she isn't daunted by challenges being faced by the cast.

Charlotte Gainsbourg's New Album Deals With Grief -- Her Father's Death And Her Sister's Suicide

Gainsbourg's new album pays tribute to her dad's musical legacy, and deals with her grief following the apparent suicide of her sister.

Listen To Bhi Bhiman & Gaby Moreno's New Songs About Immigrants At The Border In 2018

The two singer-songwriters are taking on immigrant perspectives to show the realities -- and horrors -- facing newcomers to America.

Are You Ready For The Gay King Of Bro-Country, Sam Buck?

The singer-songwriter combines '90s Shania with personal stories of queer identity. By day, he makes his living cleaning houses.

Imagine Dragons' Mormon Lead Singer Made A Documentary About LGBTQ Believers

The singer is questioning the church's stances on LGBTQ issues in the new HBO documentary "Believer."