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These Two National Parks In California Have Air Just As Smoggy As LA

The air quality in some of California's national parks is as bad as it is in Los Angeles

Congrats, California. You Slashed Carbon Emissions By A Lot. Now The Hard Work Begins

We met our 2020 emissions reduction goals four years early. Now we have to crack down on cow farts and car exhaust.

In Future LA, Summerlong Heatwaves Could Be The New Normal

Here are a bunch of ways global warming is going to affect our power.

Here's Why The Power Grid Had An Epic Fail This Weekend

It's not because we didn't have enough electricity to meet demand.

LA Explained: The LA River

Is it a river? A sewer? A flood control channel? A place to film awesome drag racing scenes? A tool of gentrifiers to raise property values? What's the deal with the L.A. River, and why should I care about it? Let's find out.