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This Art In Hermosa Beach Shows You How Many Bottles And Cans You Use Each Year

The average American uses 839 bottles, cans and cartons every year (and recycles only 32 percent of them). Here's what that looks like.

3 Mice, 2 Chainsaws, 1 Rusty Mattress Spring: Those Are Just A Few Things Volunteers Found On LA's Beaches

They also found unused meds, wedding rings and urns amid the 35,000 pounds of trash they hauled away during Coastal Cleanup Day.

Snapshot: LA's Plan To Cut Smog 25 Percent By The 2028 Olympics (It's Electrifying)

City officials want to eliminate 25 percent of our smog before the world arrives for the 2028 Olympics.

The DMV Says Wait Times Are Shorter, So I Tested It Out. It Crushed My Soul

The DMV claims it's reduced the average time you'll spend in line by a half hour. That wasn't exactly how it panned out for us.

Canada's Super Scoopers Are Back In LA. But As Fire Season Gets Worse, Why Don't We Buy Our Own?

L.A. County spends $8 million for two of them and their crews to stay here from September through November

5 Things We Didn't Expect To Find At LA's Cannabis Convention

From CBD dog treats to hash-scented humidifiers, here are the latest ways marijuana can be monetized.

You May Not Have To Take The Laptop Out Of Your Bag At LAX For (Too) Much Longer

One-step ID checks and 3D scanning, currently being tested at LAX, could get you on your way faster.

The Water District Bringing Brown Water To Compton And Willowbrook Will Be Shut Down

A regional planning commission voted unanimously to dissolve the Sativa water district Wednesday morning. Customers of the low-income water district has complained for months about brown tap water.

'Firemen Aren't Supposed To Be Shot:' Son Remembers Fallen Long Beach Firefighter

In a moving memorial service packed with tradition as well as laughter, Capt. David Rosa of the Long Beach Fire Department was remembered by colleagues and family. Rosa was shot and killed early last week while responding to an explosion at an apartment building for low-income senior citizens.

Elderly Man Arrested in Connection With Fatal Shooting of Long Beach Firefighter

Authorities said they had one person in custody in connection to the shooting, but gave no further details.

8 Spots In LA To Watch The World Cup In All Of Its Glory

The U.S. might be out of the World Cup this year, but that doesn't mean people aren't watching. Here are some of the best places to keep up with the games this year.