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This SoCal Christian College Supported Gay Relationships. Then It Abruptly Changed Its Mind.

Azusa Pacific University, an evangelical Christian school, expanded rights for LGBTQ students. The university's board of trustees decided to undo the changes.

No One Says 'Surf's Up' In Long Beach Anymore, But The Waves Might Return

Removing part of the breakwater may be the cure for the ecosystems in Long Beach Harbor. One of proposals to improve plant and animal life in the bay would remove a third of the wall.

Remedial Classes Aren't Working In Community Colleges -- And Now They're About To Be Canceled

Educators call it a huge change. How did it happen? When research showed the remedial classes were hurting instead of helping, campus administrators ultimately listened.

USC Gynecologist Accused Of Abuse Loses License To Practice

The California Medical Board has stripped former University of Southern California gynecologist George Tyndall of his ability to practice medicine in the state.

5 Things USC's New President Could Do To Stop Sexual Harassment

A sexual harassment report written by USC faculty, students and staff holds out the promise of reforms at the scandal-rocked university.

USC President Resigns After Scandal, On Scandal, On Scandal. Here's What Happened

A summary of the lawsuits, the investigations, and who's involved.

CSUN Is Using A Bot To Get Freshmen To Show Up For Class

Cal State Northridge says incoming students are more likely to talk to a chatbot, so they've created one to pick up students who'd otherwise fail to enroll in the fall.