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Workplace Misconduct In LA County Doesn't Always Result In Discipline, Audit Finds

An auditor says Los Angeles County can improve the way it tracks complaints about workplace misconduct.

Long Beach Police Have Been Using An App That Deletes Text Messages

After an Al Jazeera story, the department has suspended use of the app. An L.A. County deputy public defender plans to explore whether the practice affected the outcomes of homicide cases.

How The Sartorialist's Street Fashion Photography Made It To The Getty

The Sartorialist brought street-style fashion photography to the masses. Now it's at the Getty.

Want To Ride The Pink Line Or The Q Line? LA Metro Is Studying How To Rename Its System

Metro didn't ask us for ideas, but our newsroom had plenty of great ones.

SoCal's Roadkill Danger Zones -- Where You're More Likely To Hit An Animal

We have a map of hotspots and a list of the most dangerous freeway sections in the area.

Lao Gan Ma, The Most Popular Hot Sauce In China, Is Coming To Walmart

It's hoping to edge out Sriracha's popularity -- and Ground Zero for the Great Hot Sauce War is the San Gabriel Valley.

Remedial Classes Aren't Working In Community Colleges -- And Now They're About To Be Canceled

Educators call it a huge change. How did it happen? When research showed the remedial classes were hurting instead of helping, campus administrators ultimately listened.

Inglewood's Multibillion-Dollar Football Stadium Is Taking Shape. We Got A Look Inside

Six million construction hours later, officials say the project is on schedule to be completed by 2020.

LAUSD's Leader Wants To 'Manage Out' Bad Teachers. But Does The District Know Which Ones Are Bad?

The vast majority of LAUSD teachers "meet" or "exceed standards" on their evaluations, according to new numbers -- but are those numbers right?

San Bernardino Diocese Will Release Name Of Every Priest Accused Of Sexual Abuse

San Bernardino's Catholic diocese plans to name names. A spokesman says of the victims: "Sometimes to see their abuser's name made public is beneficial in the healing process."

'Don't Grab Workers': McDonald's Employees Walk Out Over Toxic Male Behavior

In South L.A. about 100 people, mostly Latinas, marched to a McDonalds restaurant at the intersection of Figueroa Street and Florence Ave.

This Amateur Metal Detectorist Is Fighting Pirates On The Beaches Of Santa Monica

Steve Smith is something of a treasure-hunting do-gooder, one who doesn't officially charge for his services.

Today In Gaming The Red Carpet: The Getty Images Purse From The Emmys

How do you ensure that your red carpet walk gets covered? Get the photo service's name printed on your bag.

Selling Tacos (And Everything Else) On The Streets Of LA Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

The governor just signed a bill that decriminalizes sidewalk vending. Does that mean more tacos, churros, champurrado and bacon-wrapped hot dogs on the streets of Los Angeles? We hope so.

SpaceX Has Booked Its First Private Passenger For A Moon Voyage, But He Won't Be Going Alone

The trip is planned for 2023 on board the SpaceX BFR launch vehicle. The crew will spend at least a week in space.

More Expectant Moms Want An Alternative Birthing Experience. Hospitals Are Listening.

A new study found that more California women are thinking about delivery options that would get them out of a sterile hospital room.

This Art In Hermosa Beach Shows You How Many Bottles And Cans You Use Each Year

The average American uses 839 bottles, cans and cartons every year (and recycles only 32 percent of them). Here's what that looks like.

3 Homeless People Were Beaten With A Bat In DTLA Over The Weekend

The three homeless victims are still in critical condition. Police have released surveillance video of the suspect.

Have You Ever Stepped Over Homeless People? What Science Tells Us About Our Capacity For Empathy

When one elderly Santa Monica woman barely getting by on Social Security got some help from the city, she was excited she could give $10 to the homeless man across the street. Would you do the same?

What It Takes To Win An Emmy Nomination, From 5 People Who Have One (Or More)

But with over 100 people nominated in 27 categories for tonight's 70th Emmy Awards, how can you really tell which shows are the best of the best? And, more importantly, how do you win your office Emmys ballot?

You Like LAUSD Coffee Cake. You Really, Really, Really Like LAUSD Coffee Cake

We asked a simple question: "Why are people so obsessed with LAUSD's coffee cake?" LAist readers answered.

3 Mice, 2 Chainsaws, 1 Rusty Mattress Spring: Those Are Just A Few Things Volunteers Found On LA's Beaches

They also found unused meds, wedding rings and urns amid the 35,000 pounds of trash they hauled away during Coastal Cleanup Day.

19 Of The Best Things To Do This Week In Southern California

From beers and bites to cheese and paella, the week ahead has some tasty offerings. Cinephiles also have a lot to choose from.

What It's Like Trying To Be America's Next Kids TV Host

Mike Rylander joined thousands of others in the open call to become the host of the rebooted "Blue's Clues" -- and he got a callback.

The Case For Preserving All Of The LA Times' Former HQ

Five former L.A. Times buildings at the intersection of First and Spring streets might become monuments -- getting in the way of redevelopment.

Beyond A Drug And Gun Bust, Ouster Of Squatters From Hollywood Building Is A Snapshot On High Rents

The raid was conducted by a task force that was formed to target commercial and industrial spaces illegally converted to dwellings. It was inspired by the fatal 2016 Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland.

How This Is Us's Music Supervisor Creates The Show's Timeless Sound

Music supervisors are the ones in charge of choosing the right songs to make you feel things, and "This Is Us" nails that every time -- thanks to Jennifer Pyken.

Kolaches, The Midwest's Favorite Breakfast Treat, Have Finally Arrived In LA

You already love Tex-Mex cuisine. How about Tex-Czech cuisine?

LA Metro Released More Rider Etiquette PSAs. They Are Still Bananas. Now With Danny Trejo

LA Metro may take rider etiquette seriously, but they've taken a decidedly funnier approach to educating the public about it.

Why LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner Wants To Talk About Teacher Quality Right Now

Beutner's answer: focusing only on the issues at dispute in contract negotiations sidelines other worthy conversations.

LA's District 14 Council Seat Could Stay In The Huizar Family

Richelle Huizar announced she's running for the council seat currently occupied by her husband, José Huizar.

LA Surfers Are Covered In Germs And Scientists Are Stoked To Study Them

Watch out surfers. The scientists are coming for ya.

Netflix's 'Reversing Roe' Asks Why Abortion's A Partisan Issue In The First Place

New Netflix documentary, "Reversing Roe," wants you to see how abortion got politicized in the first place.

Tired Of Crowded Beaches? This Hidden Gem Has Tide Pools, Plus Some Cold War History

For both nature and history lovers, White Point and Royal Palms has something to offer from tidepools to Nike missiles.

You Can Buy Robin Williams' Prized Possessions, Including His Golden Globes

From a Golden Globe to props from Williams' movies, it's all up for auction.

We're Exploring LA County's 88 Cities. Here's Your Guide To Arcadia: 'Chinese Beverly Hills'

Bet on some horses and maybe you'll win enough money to buy a multi-million dollar mansion in "Chinese Beverly Hills."

27 Of The Best Things To Do In Southern California This Weekend

A major Los Tigres del Norte concert. Muay Thai boxing and goats. A tortilla battle. A water lantern festival. Culture, eats and wackiness abound this weekend.

Cambodia Town Is Mapping Its Political Future In Long Beach

Vy Sron has only been in the U.S. for five years. the 70-year-old immigrant was taking a civic engagement class in Cambodia Town when she asked: 'How come we don't have a local representative?'

California Still Has The Nation's Highest Poverty Rate (Blame Housing Costs)

California's overall economy may be booming. But nearly one in five Californians are still living in poverty.

Comedy Twitter Takes Shots At The Guns And Drugs Found At Hollywood's Abandoned iO West Theater

iO West shut down earlier this year. Today: an early morning raid on the building that once housed it -- and a barrage of jokes from former students.

This Is Halloween... At Disneyland. Here's What It Looks Like Now At The Spookiest Place On Earth

It's time to face the deep, blood-curling horror of... oops, got that mixed up with what SoCal's other theme parks are doing. It's Halloween at Disneyland! Fun!

Could LAUSD Seriously Be Taken Over For Overspending?

The 'window of opportunity is closing to address the district's fiscal challenges,' a county official recently warned.

Why Are People So Obsessed With LAUSD's Coffee Cake?

The fluffy, crumbly dessert has been around for more than 60 years and Angelenos' love for it hasn't diminished.

Here's Why People In Los Feliz Lost Sleep Early Wednesday Morning (And Complained On Twitter)

L.A. Twitter is lively this morning, with #LosFeliz as its top trend, thanks to an early-morning visit from an LAPD helicopter.

Google Maps' Phantom Neighborhoods Are Confusing Southern Californians. Help Us Keep Track Of Them

We've been exploring Google's inexplicable and sometimes incorrect map labeling in Los Angeles. They are not hard to find.

Jerry Brown Is Getting Heckled At His Own Climate Conference

Protesters want Jerry Brown to ban oil drilling in California. He says that's impractical.

Snapshot: LA's Plan To Cut Smog 25 Percent By The 2028 Olympics (It's Electrifying)

City officials want to eliminate 25 percent of our smog before the world arrives for the 2028 Olympics.

LA County Moves Forward On Stabilizing Rents For 200,000 People

If enacted, it would limit annual rent increases to 3 percent each year for residents who live outside the boundaries of one of the county's 88 cities.

Shots Fired Inside Kaiser Permanente Medical Center In Downey, Arrest Made

One suspect was taken into custody Tuesday after reports of an active shooter at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Downey.

It's Really Hard To Find Caribbean Food In LA. You Can Start Here

In our Hard To Find series, we'll explore L.A.'s underrepresented cuisines. They are here -- if you know where to look.

The Court Case That Forced OC To Stop Ignoring Its Homeless

An encampment was cleared. A lawsuit was filed. Is OC now better equipped to help those experiencing homelessness?

What 9/11 Was Like In Los Angeles

The tragedy was felt in Los Angeles as it was around the world, and like other major cities across the country, L.A.'s emergency services had to swing into action.

This Massive Mural Being Painted In Downtown Celebrates LA's Diversity -- And Could Set A World Record

Artist Robert Vargas hopes his current project, dubbed "Angelus," represents the ethnic, cultural and gender diversity that Los Angeles has to offer.

Attn SoCal Edison Customers: Your Bill May Be About To Go Up To Prevent Wildfires

The 'new normal' for California fire season has SoCal Edison officials looking at ways to harden the power grid in an effort to prevent as many fires as possible.

Katy Perry's Playing An LA Concert, But It's Only For Fans With A Certain Credit Card

Katy Perry's playing the Ace Hotel, but the only way into this sold-out teenage dream was with a Citi card.

17 Awesome Things To Do This Week In Southern California

There's magic in the air -- or are those the scents wafting from the Institute of Art & Olfaction?

Get A Free Randy's Donut In El Segundo Today

It's okay if you left your wallet in El Segundo. You won't need it to get a free donut at Randy's newest location.

People Thought She Would End Up On The Streets Or Locked Up. She Proved Them Wrong.

Smuggled from El Salvador as a child, Liliana "Patty" Flores survived abuse, foster care, gangs, drugs and lockup before deciding to turn her life around.

What To Expect When You See The Gynecologist For The First Time

It's okay to feel a little nervous. It's actually totally normal.

How Fake Queen Song 'Totally Gay' Earned An Emmy Nomination

Songwriter Mark Rivers found a dead-on soundalike for Freddie Mercury, then made magic happen for the show "Big Mouth."

How To Spot LA's Many, Many, Many Illegal Pot Shops

The city attorney is cracking down on unlicensed pot businesses, which continue to undercut the city's fledgling licensed adult-use pot shops eight months into legalization.

The History Of The Sunset Strip Is Rich With Rock Stars, Mobsters And A Damn Good Maître D'

The Strip may be one of the most iconic spots in the L.A. area, but there's still plenty to discover.

Italian Food Without Cheese? This New Vegan Restaurant In WeHo Is Making It Happen

When chef Tara Punzone stopped eating meat at 10 years old, her family thought it was a phase. She had other ideas.

The DMV Says Wait Times Are Shorter, So I Tested It Out. It Crushed My Soul

The DMV claims it's reduced the average time you'll spend in line by a half hour. That wasn't exactly how it panned out for us.

We Tried Out 2 Halloween VR Experiences And Survived (After Some Screaming)

The Void combines virtual reality with actual physical objects to make you a Ghostbuster, a 19th century magician, and more.

Why Some LA Jewish Millennials Are Walking Off Their 'Birthright Israel' Trips

Founded by an L.A. local, IfNotNow is a growing movement of young Jewish American progressives who want to end support for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

Oscars Pulls Popular Movie Category, Decides To Just Keep Awarding Good Movies Instead

It's not a complete about-face, but they say the popular film category needs "further study."

Just How Big Of A Deal Is The DMV Voter Registration Screw-Up?

Secretary of State Alex Padilla said he was "extremely disappointed and deeply frustrated" by the department's mishandling of roughly 23,000 voter registrations.

Canada's Super Scoopers Are Back In LA. But As Fire Season Gets Worse, Why Don't We Buy Our Own?

L.A. County spends $8 million for two of them and their crews to stay here from September through November

Why You Might See Soggy Bread On The Beach On Monday

The Jewish new year is a time to cast away sins -- and carbs.

22 Of The Coolest Things To Do In Southern California This Weekend

Get ready to rock out with your yacht out. Or lift a stein while enjoying Oktoberfest. For outdoorsy types, we found plenty of urban walks, hikes and bike rides.

This Map Shows Where Emergency Homeless Shelters Could Be Built In LA Under Mayor Garcetti's Plan

As L.A. leaders navigate the selection of sites and community concerns, you may be wondering if there are any shelters being planned or built where you live or work. LAist is here to help.

LA's First Emergency Homeless Shelter Under Mayor's Bridge Housing Initiative Opens Sept. 10

The El Pueblo site, which cost about $2.4 million to build, consists of several subdivided trailers built into living facilities.

LA County Is Giving Away Bracelets To Help You Keep Tabs On Loved Ones With Dementia Or Autism

Caregivers know how scary it is to try to find someone who has wandered off in a county that covers 4,000 square miles.

Teen Racism Meets Supernatural Horror In LA Comic Book Writer's 'Border Town'

It's about racism near the border, starting at a new school, and supernatural Mexican horror.

PaleyFest Fall TV Previews Are Here To Help You Decide Which New Shows Are Worth Your Time

Get your fall TV shows, fresh out of the editing room -- sometimes before they're even fully completed.

I Ate Brunch At The Scientology Restaurant -- And Lived To Tell The Tale

The infamous Celebrity Centre serves a mean brunch. But you'll have to handle some pre-meal proselytizing.

LAPD Releases Another Highly Edited Video Of The Trader Joe's Shooting

The footage appears to back previous claims that the suspect opened fire on officers during a pursuit that started in South L.A. and ended in Silver Lake. But it sheds little light on the death of store manager Melyda Corado.

Gabriel Kahane Rides The Rails And Captures The People Of Trump-Era America In Song

After the 2016 election, Kahane left his cell phone and the daily news cycle behind, boarding a train. Now it's an album.

Here Are LA's New Rules For Scooter Companies Like Bird And Lime

New regulations include a cap on the number of devices like scooters that companies like Bird and Lime could operate.

Where To Eat Fried Chicken In Los Angeles Right Now

New joints dedicated to battered, deep-fried versions of the bird are springing up all over the place. Here's where to find them.

The High-Octane History Of SoCal's Ascot Park, Where 'The Fastest Of The Fast' Raced

"It was Southern California at its most dynamic self."

13 Of The Coolest Events Happening In Southern California This Week

Whether you just got back from Burning Man or spent the weekend chilling and Netflixing, we have your event options for this short, post-Labor Day week.

What You Need To Know About That Mahjong Scene In 'Crazy Rich Asians'

We've got the highlights of what you need to know to appreciate that pivotal scene.

Thousands Of Angelenos Work While Homeless, And Many Don't Want Their Bosses To Know

California doesn't define homelessness as a protected class in the workplace.

Why Can't We Wear White After Labor Day?

It's not entirely clear how this tradition started, but here are three major theories: practicality, taste-making and good ole fashion classism.

26 Of The Coolest Events Happening In Southern California On Labor Day Weekend

Take advantage of a city free from traffic and filled with festivals to check out Fleet Week, a food fest and the return of the L.A. County Fair.

5 Things We Didn't Expect To Find At LA's Cannabis Convention

From CBD dog treats to hash-scented humidifiers, here are the latest ways marijuana can be monetized.

LAUSD Teachers Just Voted To Strike. It's Still Not Clear If -- Or When -- They'd Walk

Weeks or months could still pass before UTLA leaders actually call for a walkout.

Before Jurassic Park Roars Out Of Universal Studios, This Superfan Takes One Last Ride

After more than two decades, extinction has arrived. But life finds a way.

Could This Tax On Vacant Properties Help End Homelessness?

Oakland voters could approve the state's first tax on privately owned vacant properties in November.

Fleet Week Brings Jack Ryan And The Beach Boys To The Port Of LA

The annual celebration of the military's Sea Services, aka the Navy, the Marines and the Coast Guard, returns to the Port Of L.A.

You Might Like A 4 A.M. Bar Curfew But LA Bartenders Have Mixed Feelings

"The people who are typically up that late aren't just drinking alcohol. That's just the truth of nightlife but I don't want to deal with that crowd either."

After A Rash Of Valley Street Racing Deaths, Here's How The LAPD Is Cracking Down

The leader of the team recently talked with Take Two's A Martinez about what they do and the impact they're having in the Valley.

You May Not Have To Take The Laptop Out Of Your Bag At LAX For (Too) Much Longer

One-step ID checks and 3D scanning, currently being tested at LAX, could get you on your way faster.

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