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LA's LGBT Seniors Are Learning Comedy From A 'Tragically Hetero' Teacher

They're breaking L.A.'s history -- and what may be the current status quo -- of young straight cisgender stand-up.

Banana Leaves, Sazón Rubs And Negimaki Are Thanksgiving Traditions Too

The host of Pati's Mexican Table says, "Thanksgiving is all about appreciating what we all bring to the American table, different waves of immigrants through time."

Watch LAFD Pilots Rescue 3 People And 2 Dogs As The Woolsey Fire Closes In

The helicopter's fuel supply was dwindling and there was no chance of a hoist operation, so the pilots made an "incredibly complex" landing on the mountaintop.

Dear LA: Don't Poison Yourself Or Your Family This Thanksgiving

With a Salmonella outbreak threatening the turkey industry, it's a frighteningly possible outcome if Thanksgiving cooks aren't careful.

It's Already Christmas At Disneyland. Also It's Snowing There

Disney knows how to make people feel something. Here are the latest ways they're doing it at Disneyland and California Adventure this holiday season.

Republicans Are Out, Democrats Are In. But What Does It All Mean?

California's U.S. House elections are over. Now comes the hard part -- governing.

With Rain Forecast, Residents In Woolsey Fire Burn Zone Prep For Possible Mudslides

With rain in the forecast, homes that survived the fires could now be exposed to mudslides and debris flows.

Win And Juice: Snoop Gets A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Snoop D-O-double-G got the 2,651st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today.

SoCal's Brightest Holiday Lights And Where To Find Them

From theme parks, zoos and gardens to boat parades, Candy Cane Lanes and shopping malls, here's where to get lit.

What Happens To The Maids And Gardeners Of Malibu When The Houses Are Gone

"I need the money, I need to keep working. To be honest, I don't know what to do," said one day laborer.

Woolsey Fire Should Be Fully Contained By Thanksgiving

Some residents of Malibu Colony Cove were allowed to return to their homes -- or the sites where their homes once stood.

14 Things To Do In LA This Thanksgiving Week

It's time to press pause and give thanks, yes, even for this crazy beautiful world. Here are ways to give back, get some yuks or find some fun.

Road-Tripping With California's Poet Laureate (Who Helped Invent The Jello Jiggler!)

During Dana Gioia's tenure, he made it a point to visit every one of California's 58 counties.

Alex Villanueva Declares Victory Over Jim McDonnell In LA County Sheriff's Race

Retired L.A. County Sheriff's Lt. Alex Villanueva declared victory after the latest vote count showed him surging ahead by more than 87,000 votes.

These Photos Showcase The Grim Remains Of Paramount Pictures' Legendary Western Set

Paramount Ranch burned to the ground on Friday in the Woolsey Fire. Here's what's left.

All The Things Being Done To Put Malibu Back Together Again After The Woolsey Fire

The biggest question after a wildfire: How do you rebuild? Here's the answer, from your water and electricity providers.

George's Burgers Gets A Homegrown Revamp From Guisados Owners

What's old is new again at the beloved Boyle Heights burger stand.

SoCal Edison Is Spending Millions To Make Sure Its Power Poles Are Safe From Birthday Balloons

The upgrades are expensive: Covered power lines, fiberglass utility poles and tiny weather stations. The expected payoff? Reducing how often power lines start fires.

Where Traumatized Firefighters In The Field Go For Help

Fighting fires has been compared to the kind of stress that soldiers go through in warfare. A report found firefighters experience PTSD at rates similar to combat veterans.

3 Months After Proposing Homeless Housing In Sherman Oaks, City Staff Haven't Set Foot On the Land

Meanwhile, Councilman David Ryu's district nixed a separate proposal for affordable housing in the neighborhood and broke ground on a housing center for women in Hollywood.

California Police Scanned More Than 1 Billion License Plates -- Rarely Finding Cars On 'Hot Lists'

California's law enforcement agencies scanned license plates more than a billion times in 2016 and 2017, compiling massive databases of people's movement across the state while rarely detecting cars on police watchlists.

The LA Times Has 2 New Food Critics

With the addition of Bill Addison, Patricia Escárcega and Lucas Peterson, the L.A. Times now boasts its most robust food section in more than a decade.

The Doo Dah Parade Queen's Beauty Routine Is All About Social Justice

She does work for the U.N. and is active in her community. Find out what a different kind of queen looks like.

Porter Projected To Win In Orange County As Democrats Take The Lead

In two of the tightest races in Southern California, Democrat Katie Porter has been projected to win and Democrat Gil Cisneros has pulled ahead by 941 votes.

More Latinos Voted This Election. Are They Turning The Corner On Turnout?

Researchers say Latinos cast more ballots this time around and their influence is showing.

Councilman José Huizar Removed From Committees After FBI Raids On His Offices, Home

In a letter sent to the City Clerk, Council President Herb Wesson listed "adjustments" to four City Council committees that Huizar served on or led.

From FEMA To Mental Health: A Guide To Getting Help After The Fire

The fires that blazed through Southern California this week and last left all manner of destruction in their wake. Here's how to start rebuilding.

The Man Who Brought Brooklyn Bagel Bakery Back From The Dead

The layout has changed but the bagels are just as good.

Michelle Obama Went To A DTLA School And Crushed Storytime

The former First Lady was here as part of her Becoming book tour, but if you asked the kids they'd probably tell you she was here to read them The Gruffalo.

What It Means For Green Lantern To Be A Heroic Cop (In Space) In 2018

Superstar writer Grant Morrison acknowledges that having a cop as a hero -- even one from outer space -- has a different meaning right now.

26 Fabulous Events Happening In Southern California This Weekend

It's not even Thanksgiving but the holiday season is here with Christmas movies, twinkly lights and tons of craft markets. Plus, plenty of non-seasonal fun.

Sgt. Ron Helus, Killed In Borderline Shooting, Laid To Rest Today

Helus, a 29-year veteran of the force, succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained after confronting an active shooter at Thousand Oaks' Borderline Bar and Grill.

This Is Why Fire Officials Don't Want You To Stay And Defend Your Home

Not that many years ago, state and local fire officials considered adopting a policy to train residents to stay and defend their homes from fire. A disaster on the other side of the world killed the idea.

P-22 Is OK, But The Woolsey Fire Has Turned The Santa Monica Mountains Into A 'Moonscape'

The fire burned roughly 88 percent of the national park land. Two mountain lions and a bobcat have not yet been located.

Woolsey Fire: Gov. Brown, Secretary Zinke Tour Burn Zone; Hill Fire Now Fully Contained

The Woolsey Fire is now one of the largest on record to burn in Los Angeles County.

Update: Republicans Lose More Ground in SoCal House Races As Counting Continues

Republicans are swimming against a riptide of late ballots that have been benefiting Democrats.

Street Artists Call Out Alleged #MeToo Perpetrators On LA Theater Marquees

They were put up in the dark of night, calling out everyone from Harvey Weinstein to Quentin Tarantino.

This Map Shows Where Homes Have Been Destroyed And Damaged By The Woolsey And Hill Fires

Disclaimer: the burn zone is still being inspected and is subject to change, Ventura County officials say.

Do You Feel Pressure To Have Children?

"So when are you having kids?" If that sounds familiar, we want to hear from you.

Where To Eat Indonesian Food In LA Right Now

It's one of the most varied cuisines in the world but you have to know where to find Indonesian food around here.

Woolsey Fire: What Happens Next For Malibu Evacuees?

Active hotspots and flareups still threaten the area, along with downed power lines, debris and other hazards.

Why This House Is Still Standing Among The Ruins Of The Woolsey Fire

"If I could've I would've left, but you know I'm not gonna. The animals need me ... I was not gonna leave them. I know everyone's going to say I'm an idiot."

Woolsey Fire Now Among Largest On Record In LA County; Flare-Up Reported In Carlisle Canyon, Lake Sherwood Area

The wildfires sweeping across Southern California have destroyed hundreds of homes, killed at least two people and injured several more, and ravaged beloved landmarks and park space.

What Happened At The Santa Susana Nuclear Site During The Woolsey Fire?

The site is riddled with radioactive waste and toxic compounds. Where does it all go during a fire?

The Saga Of Stanley -- The Malibu Giraffe Caught In An Actual And Online Inferno

"It is a major mobilization to move a giraffe," a Santa Barbara Zoo official told LAist. In the case of a fast-moving fire, "you couldn't mobilize fast enough or safely enough to move the animals. If they didn't kill the animal trying to load it, it would be amazing."

SoCal Democrats Are Licking Their Chops To Take Over The House. Here's What They're Planning

Many Southern California Democrats are poised to play critical roles in investigating President Trump and influencing policy that will impact California. With the House Majority, "we can stand up to stupid stuff," said Rep. Ted Lieu.

Jewish Summer Camps Destroyed in Woolsey Fire

Kids and adults discovered their spiritual selves at camps in the Malibu mountains that burned over the weekend.

Woolsey Fire Burned 83% Of National Park Lands In Santa Monica Mountains; Trump Approves Disaster Declaration For California

Fire officials now estimate that at least 370 structures have been destroyed by the blaze, which started Thursday afternoon in the hills south of Simi Valley.

Update: Where California Stands In Its Vote Count And Close SoCal Races

As the count goes on and on, we can guarantee that you're not as anxious as the candidates.

Free Rides And Free Housing For Fire Victims In SoCal

Whether due to altruism, good publicity, or something in between, several corporations have decided to offer a helping hand.

Marvel's Stan Lee, Master Of Comic Book Hype, Dies At 95

Spider-Man. The Hulk. The X-Men. Without Stan Lee, none of them exist.

Anaheim Passes A Minimum Wage Measure Targeting Disneyland

Disney allies may have taken back city council. But Anaheim's largest employer could soon end up in court over a minimum wage dispute.

Pizza Shop Owner Rescues Grandparents From Woolsey Fire -- By Boat

Jamie Woolner's grandparents had no power, no phone signal and "no idea of the danger they were in."

21 Awesome Things To Do In Southern California This Week

Free parks for vets, etymology for word nerds and French dips and crack pie for foodies.

Veterans Find Healing In The Great Outdoors Of Big Bear

Long after military veterans leave the armed forces, wounds from their years of service can linger. Higher Ground campers are dealing with service-related conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, traumatic brain injury (TBI), physical disability, or military sexual trauma through recreation in the great outdoors.

What To Do -- And Not Do -- When You Get Home After A Wildfire

Some helpful suggestions on how to protect yourself from ash and particles from the fire. 

Woolsey Fire Rises To 85K Acres, 15% Containment

Crews faced fierce winds Sunday, but managed to hold containment lines as they entered their fourth day of battling the Woolsey and Hill fires.

How To Avoid Getting Towed During LA's Red Flag Parking Restrictions

Where exactly do these restrictions take place? And how do you know if you're in one?

Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting Gunman Shot Himself

Ian Long shot and killed himself, according to an autopsy.

The Woolsey Fire Has Burned 70,000 Acres, 2 Deaths Linked To Fire

Firefighters started to get a handle on the Woolsey Fire on Saturday -- but expected winds to pick up Sunday through Tuesday.

These Photos Of The Woolsey Fire In Malibu Show How Intense And Devastating It's Been

The Woolsey Fire has killed two people, forced tens of thousands of people from their homes and left a wide swath of destruction in Southern California. Here's what that looks like.

Malibu Fire Victims Share Their Stories

We spoke with people who stayed and fought the fire, as well as people who evacuated. Here are their stories.

Harley Rouda Wins Dana Rohrabacher's Seat In Congress

Rouda has defeated Orange County Rep. Rohrabacher for his House seat, according to a projection by the Associated Press

How You Can Help Those Affected By The Southern California Wildfires

From making a donation to volunteering, here's what you can do.

Woolsey Fire Burning Out Of Control; All Of Malibu, Hidden Hills Ordered To Evacuate

The two fires were being pushed by strong Santa Ana winds.

The Westworld Set -- Home To Iconic Shoots For More Than 90 Years -- Has Burned Down

The set of Westworld has burned down. Filmmakers who shot at Paramount Ranch say a bit of Hollywood history was just lost.

Griffith Park Brush Fire Burns In Area Fire Engines Can't Reach

The fire is continuing to burn, though forward progress has been stopped. The L.A. Zoo has evacuated some animals and will remain closed Friday.

A Thousand Oaks College Was About To Stage A Play About Columbine. Then The Borderline Shooting Happened

Will the show go on? Should it? Cal Lutheran theater professor Brett Elliott is torn.

Have Questions About The Wildfires? We'll Answer Them

Let us know what you need to know. LAist/KPCC is working hard to answer community members' questions.

These Images Show How Bad The SoCal Fires Are Today

These photos, video, and satellite imagery show how fires are impacting Southern California.

How To Find Out About Fire Evacuations In Your Area

Here's where to get all the most important info when an emergency hits.

After Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting, A Warning: 'Pretty Soon Everyone's Going To Have A Sad Story'

Active shooter drills are now part of everyday school life. But survivors of mass shootings say of the steady pace of new tragedies: "This can't become our baseline."

Wildfires Bedevil Ventura County Even As It Recovers From A Mass Shooting

The fires have led to more than 1,000 homes being evacuated and forced the closure of the 101 Freeway in both directions.

Thousand Oaks Shooter's Health Frayed In College, Roommate Says

Ian David Long was a decorated veteran who served a tour in Afghanistan. On Wednesday night, Long walked into the Borderline Bar and Grill armed with a handgun shortly after 11:20 p.m. and started shooting.

Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting: 13 Dead, Including Sheriff's Sergeant; Gunman Identified

Twelve people were killed, including a Ventura County sheriff sergeant, and several others injured when a gunman opened fire at a crowded bar in Thousand Oaks late Wednesday night. The gunman was also killed.

How Do California's Strict Gun Laws Differ From Federal Law?

Waiting periods, assault weapons bans -- you may have heard that California's gun laws are among the strictest in the nation. What does that mean, exactly?

What We Know About The Victims Of The Borderline Bar Shooting In Thousand Oaks

Twelve people were killed when a man opened fire at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks late Wednesday night.

How You Can Help And How To Cope After The Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting

Here are some resources and advice for how to deal with your own feelings while also helping others.

Fallen Officer Made 'Ultimate Sacrifice' In Confronting Thousand Oaks Shooter

He told his wife he loved her and hung up the phone to respond to the call. Within minutes, he arrived at the hellish scene at the Borderline Bar & Grill.

26 Things To Do In Southern California This Weekend

Explore the art and architecture of SoCal neighborhoods from Inglewood to Pasadena. Get your fix at a coffee confab. Honor the military veterans in your life.

California's Attorney General Is Gathering Information From The Public On Catholic Church Sex Abuse

Under pressure to take action after his counterparts in other states moved ahead, Attorney General Xavier Becerra asked Californians who believe they've been victims of clergy abuse to submit complaints to his office.

Steve Knight Concedes And This Simi Valley Starbucks Spills The Tea

We talked to voters about Katie Hill (and their peppermint lattes).

How Fake Teeth And Fosse Walks Transformed Rami Malek Into Freddie Mercury

He did lengthy movement coaching sessions, put on prosthetic teeth and hair, and spent endless hours watching video.

Orange County Is Looking More Purple Today

So are several other parts of Southern California. But the blue wave hasn't crested... yet.

The Exciting Life Of A Snail-Mail Ballot -- And The Weary Workers Who Gut Them

We took a trip to HQ to check out the ballot counting process.

FBI Agents Search Councilman José Huizar's City Hall Office, Boyle Heights Home

An FBI spokeswoman said no arrests were planned and there was no threat to public safety.

Feinstein Fends Off Strong Democratic Challenger Who Warns It's No Time 'To Play Polite'

The senior senator from California holds onto her seat. "We must come together as the great power we are," Feinstein tells supporters.

Why A Retired Lieutenant Could Upset LA's Sheriff

Incumbent sheriffs rarely have trouble winning re-election. But as the results trickled in early Wednesday morning, challenger Alex Villanueva edged into a slight lead over L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell.

Newsom Wins Race For Governor -- Here's What Else We Know About California's Elections

Polls are officially closed. We'll have your results and ongoing coverage right here.

Hugh Jackman And Jason Reitman Talk Media, Authenticity And Gary Hart's 'Superpower'

The media didn't always cover politics the way it does now. Hugh Jackman plays defamed politician Gary Hart in "The Front Runner."

All The #ElectionDay 2018 Food And Booze Freebies And Deals

The rewards of living in a democratic nation where corrupt politicians can be voted out of office should be enough. But a free cookie and a cheap cocktail never hurt.

What To Do If You Run Into Problems At The Polls

Not on the roster? Turned away? Know your rights (and what to do) in case the unexpected happens.

How To Put On An Election In 2018, LA County-Style

Hundreds of thousands of voters will take to the polls tomorrow. And that requires some advanced planning.

Independent Investigation Ordered In Wake Of Scathing Report By State's Top Prison Psychiatrist

In one incident, a female psychiatric prisoner was neglected and pulled out her own eye. Then swallowed it.

Will Californians Turn Out To Vote In 'The Most Important Election Of Your Life'?

As we wait for the results to roll in, we set out to answer some commonly asked questions about voter turnout.

18 Awesome Things To Do This Week in Southern California

Music fills the fall air, the Cinerama Dome celebrates its 55th birthday and there's lots of food talk.

Dear LADYist: AAAH I Have A Fibroid -- Wait, What Is That?

If you have a uterus, chances are high you could wind up with a fibroid. Or two. Or a dozen.

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